International/Missions Sunday / by John Hailes

Each First Sunday of the month in our Kids Church is Missions Sunday! We teach kids about missions and how they can be about missions even at home!

The BEST part about our Missions Sunday is always our Speaker! Each month we invite someone who has been involved in 'missions' or someone who was originally from a different country! This person shares with the kids what their country is like and how its different from America. Kids love to learn about different countries and it goes a long way to expel ignorance and further their Worldview. The hope is that kids will also begin to feel a passion for missions and the nations of the World!

Kids get to experience the other cultures through pictures, video, hearing the language, touching clothes and trinkets and best of trying the food!

If your church has people who have vacationed abroad, done short term missions or were born in a foreign country this may be a perfect thing for you to include! Alternatively why not hit up a local college and look for possible speakers there! 

I hope this document helps you to get started with your first International Sunday!

Download the International Document HERE