Tips for Strategic Planning / by John Hailes


It’s around this time of year where most Kidmin (with their heads screwed on) are beginning to think about, strategize and plan for the coming year!

As the year begins to wrap up it’s always good to think ahead to the coming year so we don’t get caught off guard or bogged down with a crazy schedule in January. With the cold outside and thanksgiving/Christmas not quite here, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and focus on the future! J

You can get by from last minute scrambling, but to accomplish all you are capable of and all God has for you, you have to plan ahead!

Here are some tips I have learnt about Strategic planning for the next year:-

1. Ask Holy Spirit to lead you!

If you try to do this in your own strength, then you will miss out on some incredible opportunities! Ask the Holy Spirit to stir in your heart and show you new things; or old things done in new ways!

2. NEVER do it alone!

It’s easy for us Kidmin to get stuck in our ways! Find a diversity of opinions from your team and bring people together to dream about the future year. You may be surprised by the ideas people have and the things you have been missing out on! It’s often easier for God to speak in a group!

3. Always evaluate first

It’s always good to be mindful of the WINS and the LOSSES when planning for the future; this should mean that we don’t fall into the same pitfalls year after year!

4. Remember the big picture

What do you want to accomplish next year? Is your focus going to be evangelism or discipleship? How are you going to include each of your churches core values? Regularly take a step back from details!

5. It may not happen in a day!

Don’t rush the creative process! Allow your brain time to break and rest! It’s amazing how much sleep and rest can help the brain work through issues and problems. You may find a day later, you have a whole new perspective to a problem!

6. Doodle on paper first!

This is preference. I find it helpful to scribble notes/ pictures on huge post it notes and then hang them around the office. There is something about a pen and paper that promote creativity!

7. Develop systems!

If you struggle with disorganization and administration, then consider developing systems in your kidmin! Planning is easiest when there is a structure to work within. How will each month hold similarities? For instance, each 1st Sunday of our month we have a mission’s emphasis; this allows me to assign a missions coordinator to do follow through). This system helps ensure that the good things you are planning will actually happen! Systems ensure that others can pick up jobs and roles easily throughout the year! It shouldn’t all fall on your shoulders!

8. Keep a calendar close by

Be mindful of events and special times of the year! This may seem obvious for Easter and Christmas…but why don’t you be intentional about reaching diverse groups by making the most of black history month or Hispanic heritage month? Also, how are you planning on making the most of your 4 fifth Sunday’s this year? Why not use them as ‘Bring a Friend’ or fun Sundays.