"Wild Hope" by Carol Alexander / by John Hailes


Few people have shaped the course of my life and ministry quite like Paul and Carol Alexander. I can say without any hesitation that they are leaders of the highest capacity with the utmost integrity. I learnt many lessons from them while they were Presidents at Mattersey Hall Bible College.

For this reason alone I would highly recommend this book to you! It can be difficult to find Christian leaders with truly authentic faith who model biblical, spirit led leadership. Myself and many others, could attest to having found this in Paul and Carol.

‘Wild Hope’ is an incredible memoir that clearly details how God’s hand has been at work through their family’s life. Carol’s honesty and transparency is incredibly refreshing! I promise you will get caught up in the many stories from her extraordinary life! However, my favorite element of the book is that she details not only the incredible blessings God has given her but also the many great trials she has faced. She brings wisdom and such valuable application from both.

Both Paul and Carol are by far my favorite public speakers, however, clearly she is an equally talented writer too! This book is well worth your time and attention!!!

CURRENTLY Paul and Carol Alexander serve as Presidents of Trinity Bible College in Ellendale ND. They are incredible leaders and teachers! Consider joining their college for a bachellors degree or a masters degree! You won't regret it! :)