10 Simple Ways to Pastor Kids by John Hailes

I often feel like we have strayed away from the fundamentals of children's ministry. We have gotten caught up in entertaining kids and putting on a shoe that we have missed out and what is really important! Pastoring kids may not be attractive; but it is so vital if we want to see kids transformed by the Holy Spririt!

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A Discipleship Pathway by John Hailes

Everyone's journey as a Christian is different! We all have unique experiences and encounters with God. Consequently we each grow and develop in our faith in different ways and timings. 

However, along our journeys we must all still pass through similar check points. There are discipleship steps that we must all face at some point or another in order to fully develop our faith!

Here is a simple blog I wrote for My Healthy Church about 10 steps that we all must take on the discipleship journey....