A Missions Minded Kidmin by John Hailes

The first week of every month our church has their ‘missions sunday’. It is our Sunday each month where our church highlights ‘missions’ and takes up our missions offering. 

Missions is a CORE value here at Stone Creek Church and for that reason we GO BIG on missions Sunday. 

Our hope is that if you come to Church on missions Sunday you would leave without a doubt in your mind that we are missions minded!

We place flags of different nations of the World around our church lobby, auditorium and even our car park. We have a missionary visit and present each month. We take up a missions offering. All of our staff and volunteers (Especially our welcome team and those on the stage) will wear ‘missions’ clothes; which represent the culture of different countries across the World. We sing a worship song from another country in a different language. We are MAD about missions!

My role as a #Kidmin pastor is to bring my ministry into alignment with the vision and values of the Church. So as our adults were mad about missions…I believed our kids needed to be too!!!

Here are some of the things our Kidmin has done to get mad about missions on Missions Sunday…that you could easily do to!

1.    Make giving to BGMC apart of your service

  • Raise money for specific projects or even sponsor a child together. Help kids form a connection and invest.
  • BGMC has some great resources to help engage kids with missions!

2.    Decorate your space with flags and huge globes

  • Make a statement and show kids this is an important part of your month!

3.    Highlight a different country each month

  • Bring in a speaker each month from a different country to talk about their country, their culture and what its like to grow up there. Or if a missionary visits ask them to speak! If you don’t have a wealth of diversity, then ask people who have visited countries or just do it yourself!
  • Show kids the country on the map/globe
  • Have them share about the state of the church in that country
  • Have kids pray together in groups for that country afterwards
  • Make food or buy food that is especially from that country for kids to try!
  • Tell your speaker to dress in clothes from that country
  • Play traditional music from that country for kids to hear before service
  • Show videos that show what its like to live in this country.

4.    Sing Worship songs in a different language

  • Some popular kidmin songs have been translated into other languages and there are songs like ‘Ti Amo’ by Israel Houghton that kids LOVE to worship too!

5.    Have someone translate your message into a different language!

  • We tried this for a portion of our message as one of our responsible teenage volunteers was from Congo.

6.    Find ways to encourage kids to pray for missions

  • Give them a random cheap flag or flag pin representing a different country in the World. Tell them to go home, research the flags country and pray for that country each day when they see the flag!