Why do we pretend to be perfect? / by John Hailes

**** Inspired by Jarrid Wilson at AudioFeed (Author of Jesus Swagger) ***

There seems to be an unwritten rule in the Church: Don’t air your dirty laundry. We have mastered this principal and most people readily embrace it. Let’s face it; it’s quite nice, it probably saves us plenty of painfully awkward moments.

Although it may help us become comfortable, it hurts us in so many ways. Individually and corporately we lose our authenticity. We cover our scars and limp along as if nothing’s wrong. We model perfection but it doesn’t fit us well and it doesn’t fool anyone.

Here’s some ways it deeply affects us…

We never deal with our Struggles

It’s difficult to overcome anything alone. Sin, discouragement, fear…it all festers in hidden places. They thrive in private but are expelled when brought to light.

We Hinders Others Healing

Have you ever met with someone and they shared their struggles with you? So often when people share their discomfort they are met with silence. We don’t want to respond by sharing our struggles and our pains, so we give some lame advice and send them alone. There can be great healing for people, when they are confronted with the reality that they aren’t the only ones to struggle.

We Immobilize God

I love how God’s word says that ‘His strength is made perfect in our weakness’. When we refuse to mention or accept or be open about our weaknesses; we leave no room for God to move and work in our life! He thrives in our weakness, because it’s the moment we recognize our true need for Him!

The Church; not a building but a people, created as a community to help people grow to become more like Christ. Are we living up to our calling as the Church? What do we need to do to change our Church culture in America? Who will have the courage to be the first to do that?

Consider these...

  • Do you recognize your weakness in front of your congregation/kids/youth?
  • Do you tell your kids/youth the stories in the Bible where the 'heroes' fail?
  •  Do you own up to your weaknesses to your family?
  • Do you have people in your life who you allow to hold you accountable?
  • Are you authentic/honest about your life to those around you?