10 simple ways to get Kids in their Bibles! / by John Hailes

It often amazes me that at some Churches kids could attend for a whole year without ever needing to open up a Bible. Of course we always tell our kids to read their Bible and pray…but often we don’t actually get them to do it. We certainly often fail in helping them understand HOW to read their Bibles.

Here are 10 SIMPLE things you could do to get your kids in their Bibles….

1.       Bring your own Bible Month

I’m always amazed how few kids bring their Bibles to church! So we decided to Issue BYOB punch cards! Every time kids bring their Bible they get a hole punched! 4 holes completes their card and entitles them to a Candy Bar! Download the cards HERE

2.       Sword Drill

Oldie, but a goodie! I challenge you to play this game on Sunday! No doubt it will be embarrassing for you as most kids don’t even know how to search bible references competently!

3.       Small Group Time

We need to utilize small group time to get kids into their Bibles! Use this time to have kids open their bibles, search scripture and take turns reading them! It’s hard for kids to learn to read the bible in large groups, they need more individual attention!

4.       Speak with a Bible in their Hand

Challenge yourself to ALWAYS have a Bible in your hand when you present the message and ACTUALLY READ FROM IT! Kids copy what they see! We have to model the bible for them, if we ever want them to read it!

5.       Only send Bible References Home

When it comes to Bible memory verses, quit making it easy on your kids!! Why not try ONLY sending home the scripture reference and not the actual passage. This will create space for conversations at home and parent’s involvement. (eg. Prov. 3:5-6 NIV)

6.       21 day Prayer devotional

We must work harder at developing a devotional habit in our kids! We created a simple 21 days devotional for our young kids which utilized SOAP (scripture/observation/application/Prayer). Send this home and reward kids who complete it!

7.       Send home worksheets

If you don’t have time for small group then send home worksheets/reviews each week that kids can do with their parents. Put fun challenges in that make kids search scripture.

8.       Bible Quiz

Either start a JBQ team or take time in your Sunday service once a month to do a boys/girls quiz. Allow teams to use their Bibles but give them a time limit on finding answers. This is always a lot of fun and it helps kids get faster at searching/reading their bibles!

9.       Host a Discipleship class

Why not host a 1 week after school class on ‘Learning to read the Bible’. They are simple to do and you might be surprised how many parents sign their kids up for it!

10.   Set weekly scripture readings

Send home weekly scriptures that families can go over and study together! Empowering families and equipping them should lead to success.

The longer I am in Kidmin…the more I realize we need to get better at the BASICS! If we are entertaining kids but not equipping them with the very basic building blocks of their faith then we will have a lot to answer for!