REVIEW: CPC16 EAST / by John Hailes

This past few days I have had the privilege of attending and serving at #cpc16. I spent a large part of my week talking with Kidmin leaders from around North America while I worked at the David C Cook exhibit. They were partnering with the Assemblies of God while promoting their up and coming curriculum, called Tru Fire.

The Children’s Pastor Conference (CPC) was the first major kidmin conference I have attended and I can honestly say I left satisfied! Obviously, a cynical Brit like myself always has critiques, but I was truly blessed by a number of things I witnessed at this year’s event!

Here are 5 things I loved…

1.       So MANY Kidmin! – It was so refreshing to be around so many people who are passionate about seeing kid’s lives transformed by the Gospel! Kid’s ministry can be hard and lonely work; conferences like this are always SO refreshing, especially when you are surrounded by 1200 other people!

2.       Hunger for the Holy Spirit! – Speaking with lots of kidmin from many different denominational backgrounds, it was SO encouraging to hear many people’s desire for the working of the Holy Spirit in their ministries! There is definitely a renewed hunger to get back to what it’s all about!

3.       Humble Leadership! – Matt Guevara and his team were true models of humility which is quite refreshing in today’s world! It’s quite easy in the Kidmin world for people to become BIG fish in a VERY SMALL pond and often when this happens it doesn’t take long for the blood to rush to their head! For this reason, Matt’s leadership style was VERY refreshing!

4.       Michelle Anthony did it again! – I had an incredible time gleaning from Michelle Anthony and the David C Cook team! I went into the conference loving their philosophy and outlook on ministry, but I left knowing they were the REAL deal. People who walk their talk in every way imaginable! Humble people with incredible character! They are leading a Kidmin revolution…some people just don’t know it yet!

5.       Time with a Mentor! – I also was able to spend time with a friend and mentor, Mark Entzminger. My favorite part of #CPC16 was participating alongside someone who is a little older and much wiser than myself! It meant that I learnt just as much, if not more, outside the sessions, than I did inside! This was definitely the icing on the cake!

I have begun to discover that conferences are what you make of them and what you put into them! Having given my all and served to the best of my ability, I can honestly say I am thankful for God’s grace and my tank is now full!

What were your CPC16 highs?