Building a Team: Transfer Deadline Day / by John Hailes

I always get pumped up at this time of the year! I know what you’re thinking…another blog about pumpkin lattes and fall weather…actually its quite different!

There is one thing that sets this time of year off from any other time….Transfer Deadline day! You may be unaware of this uneventful day, so let me explain! The last day of august marks the last day in European soccer where clubs can purchase, swap or sell players from other teams! The media goes crazy across the pond, writing articles on every possible rumor or move. Many English people camp out all day in front of the TV on August 31st just to watch for news.

Why all the commotion???? A record £858,750,000 (Over $1 Billion) was spent in the last 3 months as teams fought to create their best possible team of players! Each signing could snatch a team from the clutches of relegation or could seal a trophy or top place in the league. Likewise a bad signing could cause chaos in the dressing room and ruin a team’s winning dynamics.

In ministry we must recruit volunteers and leaders, just like teams must recruit players! This time of year always makes me think about the team I am forming and developing in my ministry! Of course we can never buy volunteers or steal them from other churches or ministries…but there are definitely tactics we can learn from the soccer deadline day when it comes to building our team…

Be intentional: Know what you need!

The best soccer teams have a strategy; they go into the transfer window with a plan. They know what positions on the team need to be strengthened and bolstered up. Rather than just look for good people, we should be mindful of the positions we need to fill. Then we must find people who would fill them well!

Build gradually

It’s unheard of that a team would change their whole team in a transfer window! They are trying to build synergy and that takes time! It takes time for new recruits to adjust and find their feet. They can’t run the show from their first week. We must learn to build of kidmin teams gradually. Adding knew players over time. Don’t just ditch the established for the completely inexperienced.

Clear out the bad

The transfer window isn’t just about adding new players it’s also about getting rid of the players who just didn’t fit in the team. Some of the best players have struggled to perform when in certain teams. We may have good people in our volunteer teams, but some of them may be in the wrong team. Sometimes we have to ask people to leave the team if they aren’t good for the team dynamic.

Add Quality

Teams always look to add players that will advance the team. If a team is at the top of the league, they won’t purchase an average player from a team at the bottom of the league. They are always trying to improve the standing of the team. In Kidmin, we have to be careful not to just be content with whatever we can get. We need to add quality volunteers who add to the team, not people who just make up the ratio.

Develop from within

The best teams in the transfer window are teams who develop their own players and raise them up from a young age! An average, proven player could easily cost $30 million. Teams who produce good players, always save themselves money on buying players and make money on players who leave them! As Kidmin, we have to always be looking to develop the younger generation. We can’t always recruit the very best leaders, but if we pour into younger people and give them opportunities to grow then we will see great fruit in our ministries!!

It’s a great thing to recruit quality players in positions we need help. It’s necessary that we transfer players who are destructive to our team dynamics. BUT it’s vital that we develop the younger generation to pick up the mantle!