Making use of Periscope in Kidmin / by John Hailes

Periscope is a mobile phone App that is quickly becoming a chart topper. People can use the APP to ‘live stream’ their life to the World and their followers. People can tune in during the live feed and ask questions or they can watch the videos up to 24 hours after the event.

The Church world has jumped on this App and many well-known Pastors have made use of it already. However, it seems like a number of #kidmin Pastors are hesitant to jump on board!

I personally find myself a little flummoxed when it comes to new Apps, there are so many uses that I never actually get myself off the ground.

Here are some easy ways to make use of the APP in your #kidmin :

1.       Live Stream Elements of your service

It puts Parents minds at rest to know their kids are enjoying service! Even though Parents can’t watch the livestream from Church service, they can check out what their kids were up to on the drive home.

2.       Live Stream a Weekly Reminder

Why not live stream an object lesson or a reminder of the previous Sunday’s story and teaching! Parents want to help reinforce their kids learning at School, we just need to give them simple avenues to do so!

3.       Live Stream Hints/Announcements

Why not use Periscope to let kids know who won the missions challenge or give some hints about the upcoming Sunday!

4.       Live Stream Memory Verses

Kids can see the video on Periscope to help them learn the weeks memory verse with its actions!

5.       Live Stream Actions to Songs

Kids love new songs and often they love to learn the actions! Why not Live Stream a member of your worship team teaching the actions to a new song!

6.       Live Stream a Team Training

Instead of using Periscope for your kids and families, you could also use it for your volunteer team! Instead of bringing everyone in for another meeting, why not just do quick 5 minute teachings each week on different #kidmin and leadership tips!

There are SO many ways to use this new link with Parents! #kidmin are always complaining about their lack of reach into their families homes! This is so much easier and faster than Youtube and it doesn’t demand as high of a quality as other outlets!

What are some other ways you could use this App?