Man's Wisdom vs God's Wisdom: Surface vs Substance / by John Hailes

There are two kinds of Wisdom in this World; man’s and God’s. We read in scripture that the constant struggle we face is to learn to submit ourselves to God’s wisdom and understanding, even though the World’s wisdom may seem more logical and sensible.

Both man’s and God’s wisdom have different definitions of success, and unfortunately man’s success is more enticing to our human nature. Money, power and influence have long been man’s idea of success and consequently these are the motivations of the World’s wisdom.

Integrity, character and spiritual growth seem to be the goal of God’s wisdom. The main difference being that man’s wisdom places priority on outward appearances and the surface; whereas God’s wisdom looks at the inward nature and substance.

The World’s wisdom is selfish, encouraging people to climb for wealth and power by treading on those who look different, act different and have less. God’s wisdom is selfless, encouraging people to develop their character by lifting others up.

The World’s wisdom will never go further than the surface which is why people who follow it find fame and wealth but never fulfillment and peace. Their accomplishments are hollow, frail and fleeting.

God’s wisdom will always focus on the substance over the surface; knowing that eventually the substance brings fulfillment and transformation that is eternal.


Are we submitting to God’s wisdom in our own lives? Are we seeking God’s kingdom & His righteousness… or are we too caught up in our own? Are we people of substance or are we shallow and only surface deep? God’s wisdom may not take us higher up the corporate ladder, but it will lead us to peace of mind and a feeling of real purpose.

Our Church

Are we building a Church that is transformed by the Holy Spirit and passionate about God’s kingdom? Or are we fixated on how smoothly our Sunday Service runs? Do we care more about the presentation of the Gospel than the actual content of the Gospel being preached? Do we care more about how the stage looks than how full the alter is? If we have a better production, but people leave our churches still stuck in their sin and lukewarm in their relationship with God, what is the purpose and point of Church? Church with the World’s wisdom may bring in a big offering and a large weekly attendance; but Church with God’s wisdom produces transformed lives and communities.