Importance of ADMIN in KIDMIN / by John Hailes

I have a confession to make: I hate admin work. I do it, but often with a chip on my shoulder. In my experience Children’s ministry usually attracts the creative and relational…and unfortunately those people often dislike doing the day to day administration that is so desperately needed in Kids ministry!

A part of developing a healthy ministry is making sure that the mid-week behind the scenes work is running smoothly. Most children’s pastors don’t have an admin staff to carry out their office work, but that is no excuse when it comes to getting this stuff done!

Admin must become a priority because it’s the ground work and foundation for healthy ministry to take place! Few Children’s Pastors are perfect with these, myself included, but we must always strive to be better!

Here are some Admin MUST do’s:

First Time Guest Follow up

Don’t just rely on your church follow up with Parents, be sure to follow up with the kids too! Send a letter, email or a special postcard!

Send out Birthday Cards

Buy generic Birthday cards or create your own postcards and be sure to send them out a week in advance! Maybe have your check in team do this during service

‘We miss You’ follow up

When long time attendees go missing, be sure to let them know you miss them with texts, calls or personalized postcards!

Weekly Team Communication

Be sure to send a weekly communication to your volunteers! Don’t just remind them it’s their week to serve but encourage them and give them a heads up about the coming Sunday’s teaching!

Communicate with New Volunteers

Chase down people who told you they were interested in serving on Sunday! Send emails with applications and background check forms! Be proactive, don’t just wait until you next see people! Follow up with people who sign up to serve!

Prepare and print your service schedule

Use planning center online create and print your service details! This small administrative job will help make your Sunday services run smoothly and more efficiently! It will also save you tons of time explaining to your volunteers what the service will be each week!

Admin isn’t fun, but it’s necessary! Be real with yourself, if you can’t do it then you need to develop systems which get the job done! Find volunteers who may have a few hours free midweek.

Admin isn’t as much about the quality as it is the consistency!!!

What other admin jobs do you find are vital?