Are you 'People Pleasing' or 'God Fearing'? / by John Hailes

Just over a year ago I began to question a number of areas of my life and ministry. I wanted to know that I was doing things the right way with the right motivation.  I found myself searching my heart and asking myself this very question. What do I want my priority to be; people pleasing or God fearing?

I’m don’t think that people pleasing is wrong, however I do believe that when it comes to our life and ministry it should most definitely be trumped by our desire to please God.

We see through Jesus a perfect model for our lives and ministries. He was quick to show love and kindness to those lost and hurting and yet he never pandered to the crowd or tried hard to get them to follow him. He loved them but placed God’s expectations upon them. He refused to water down his message and at times he even refused to explain his message.

In today’s Church we see an ‘attractional model’, which in reality often is motivated by a desire to please people. I see many incredible things in this Church model and I don’t believe that it is wrong or hurting the Church. However, I do passionately believe that our desire to please God should be greater than our desire to please people.

It’s important that we are seasonally check our hearts and motivations behind our ministries. Here are some questions we should be asking ourselves:

Are we more concerned with our room’s aesthetics than our teaching content?

Do we spend more time prepping for games than we do our message?

Are we over consumed with media?

Are more concerned with happy faces than healed hearts?

Do we have a greeting team but not a prayer team?

We should all want kids to have a fantastic experience visiting our Church; but that should never come at the expense of the things that cause real spiritual transformation.