Raising a Generation Passionate about Kidmin / by John Hailes

Each year our Church receives a few interns from Bible Colleges around America. These young interns are usually incredibly gifted, called by God and passionate about Christ…but rarely are they interested in becoming Kidmin.

Of those heading to ministry, youth ministry is usually their intended destination. Kid’s ministry, it seems, just isn’t ‘cool’ enough. There are those on the track to becoming Kid min, in Colleges around America, but they seem few and far between.

I have often wondered if we, as Children’s Pastors, are failing the next generation of kids by failing to raise up a generation of people under us who are passionate about kid’s ministry. We have often made the mistake of believing that our greatest legacy is the kids we disciple, when in fact it’s the leaders we inspire.

One of the greatest challenges I believe we face as Children’s Pastors is to pick up the mantle of raising a generation of young people who are passionate about Kids ministry and excited to serve.

Here are some ways we can make this a reality:

1.       Make spiritual transformation the priority

Kidmin often complain that they are viewed as ‘childcare’; but often that comes from our own doing. We must be wary of making FUN the top priority of our ministries because it can lead to others not taking our ministries seriously. When Spiritual transformation is our priority we will attract leaders who are looking to make a difference.

2.       Provide experiences for Kids to Encounter God’s Presence

When we provide experiences for kids to have radical encounters with the Holy Spirit it helps leaders see the importance and life changing impact Children’s ministry can have. In addition to this, it is by the work of the Holy Spirit that kids will be called to the ministry and as an adult they will have an incredible appreciation for Kids ministry.

3.       Utilize teenagers in your stage ministry

The greatest thing you can do to raise a generation passionate about kids ministry is to utilize teenagers on a Sunday morning! Young people are willing to serve and they have great influence with kids! Don’t limit your young people to just ‘assist’, allow them to get stuck in and take ownership of your kid’s ministry! It will change their life forever!

What are some ways that you are stirring up the next generation?