2 Incredible, Messy, Kidmin, Review Games!!! / by John Hailes

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Information retention should never be our primary goal, but it shouldn’t be completely off our radar! It amazes me how many adults sit in Church with such a low/basic understanding of the stories and scripture of the Bible. It’s the same way with so many kids today!

We want to see kids spiritually transformed, but we also want kids who are growing in their understanding of the Word of God.

For this reason I am a HUGE fan of Bible Review Games! Finding fun ways for kids to remember the teaching and scripture from kidmin! Every 4th Sunday of the Month we place a special focus on reviewing all we have learned! This generally occurs through quizzes and other boys vs girls games!

Here are two games I have just brought to use as Kidmin review games:-

1.       Wet heads!

When I first started getting involved in Kidmin in England about 8 years ago this was a toy that my sister used for Kidmin Bible Review. For the past 5 years I have look EVERYWHERE to buy it but found it was out of production! By some miracle, it has been reproduced and is now available!

How it works: Contestants wear the wet head helmets. The blue tanks are filled with water. When it is their turn they can spin the red spokes and pick one to pull out. Like any good roulette, one of the spokes causes the water to fall.

Use it for Bible Review: Have 2-4 kids face off in a quiz. Each kid can pick a leader to wear a wet head helmet. If a child gets the question right, then they get the chance to spin the roulette and pull out a spoke to try to get their leader wet! The winner is the one who gets their leader wet the fastest!

Here is a graphic my sister produced for propresenter for this game!

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2.       Pie Face!

This is a new game from Europe. Jimmy Fallon copied the idea for his show as did a number of talk shows. Consequently this game also became a sold out success, but it is finally back and available on amazon!

How it works: Contestants place their head in the opening when it’s their turn. They can use the spinner to discover how many times they must turn the handles. Just like any roulette, no one knows which turn of the handles will cause the hand of cream to be splatted into the contestants face! Contestants go back and forth until one contestant ends up with a pie face!

Use it for Bible Review: Buy 2 pie faces and have 2 kids battle it out in a quiz! If kids get a question wrong, then they have to turn their handles once. The winner is the one who doesn’t get his face pied! (alternatively you could use the spinner to make the game go faster!)

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I would LOVE to hear how you help kids review teaching, stories and scripture!! Leave a comment below!

wet heads!.jpg