Book Review: Tweetable Leadership by Jim Wideman / by John Hailes

I have to admit, ‘Tweetable Leadership’ wasn’t on my Christmas wish list. I personally haven’t been a fanboy of Christian leadership books in the past year or so. Yet I was gifted with a copy from a mentor and encouraged to read it.

What I delved into was a pleasant surprise! I found an incredibly, rich reservoir of wisdom to learn from! There was a unique and refreshing blend of solid, professional and practical advice with grounding, biblical, spiritual and Godly wisdom. Many of today’s leadership books lean so heavily on business principles, yet Jim has been clear to find his foundation for ministry in Christ and scripture.

You can’t go long in #kidmin without hearing about Jim Wideman! His impact upon Pastors in the kidmin community has been pretty incredible…to the point where people fight over his bobble head figurines! After reading this book it’s easy to see why! He is a Godly example who is willing to bare all for the kidmin community to learn from!

There were definitely areas of the book I am more hesitant to recommend; including the chapter on ministry growth, which seems to assume growth should always be numerical. At least it arguably fails to take into account spiritual and other avenues for growth in ministry. However, this is a common failing of the majority of western church culture, which only values growth we can see in numbers and not people.

However, in all of this I am a strong believer that we don’t throw out the meat with the bones! Tweetable leadership is full of meat and I would highly recommend it to any kidmin! I know it will challenge your thinking and help you to grow!