A Spirit Led Kidmin / by John Hailes

This week God's Spirit moved in our early morning service and we had a spontaneous time of prayer with kids! It messed up our service, but was well worth it!!

This week God's Spirit moved in our early morning service and we had a spontaneous time of prayer with kids! It messed up our service, but was well worth it!!

No matter what kid’s curriculum you use for your ministry you probably get way more content than you need! One of the challenges I find being a kid’s pastor is I never have enough time to fit in everything I want to fit in! There is always more we want to teach our kids and more fun we could be having!

It’s so easy though to get caught up in monotony and routine when trying to fit in all we can in our kids services. We have Worship, welcome, rules, offering, memory verse, game, large group teaching, small group time…and so on! An hour goes fast and with our readymade curriculum we don’t always have to think that much about what we are doing!

In many ways we don’t easily allow our services to be Spirit led. We are so set in our ways and worried about losing our kids attention that we often opt to provide an entertaining show rather than a genuine worship experience.

Here are some ways we can get back on track to creating a Spirit-Led Kidmin:

1. Pray and Ask God what he wants to do in your service

Take time each week to meditate on the lesson for the week and pray about what God wants to speak to the hearts of your kids. Don’t just read/memorize your sermon, devour it in your heart first!

2. Leave areas of margin in your service

Don’t pack out your service to the point where you have to rush through each segment! Allow margin where you can wait on the Holy Spirit.

3. Be willing to abort your plan

You don’t have to stick to the schedule you carefully mapped out in planning center! Its ok to abort the plan every now and then! We can’t ask the Holy Spirit to move, then limit him to two minutes after worship!

4. Teach leaders and kids to linger in God’s presence

We get very scared that unscheduled time leads to chaos, but we must teach our leaders and kids to linger in God’s presence. When we sense that God is moving, don’t be so quick to move on to the next slot, because then we can miss out on what God wants to do in our hearts.

5. Encourage Spiritual Gifts and Prayer

As a team be open for the Holy Spirit to lead you to pray for individual kids and encourage kids to be open to pray for other kids and leaders. Don’t be afraid of allowing spiritual gifts in your service. Equip leaders and kids to be good stewards of the gifts God has given them!

6. Always a lot time to RESPOND to the message

If we truly believe that God’s word is a lamp unto our feet; we must allow God’s word to marinate in our kids hearts. We don’t need alter calls every service, but we need genuine times where our kids seek God’s face and allow the Holy Spirit to work in their heart!

We can’t limit God to our ‘slow’ worship song and then be surprised when our kids fail to grow in their faith and be transformed by God’s word. We must strive to surrender our services to the Holy spirit’s leading if we really want our kids’ lives to be changed!