Spiritual Steps / by John Hailes

One of my growing concerns with children’s ministry is that we become so caught up in sharing the gospel and getting kids to say a prayer of salvation…. that afterwards we often neglect their much needed spiritual growth.

We must be cautious that our Sunday morning program doesn’t become a performance, which is easy for kids to sit through. Instead we need an interactive program that makes kids engage with their faith and spiritual disciplines.

We can’t just talk about our need to read our bible…but never have them read their bible. We can’t just tell them to pray for others, but never actually have them pray for others! Our services should activate our kids spiritually.

If a baby is learning to walk, it begins by someone holding them up and leading them. It begins by taking assisted steps, NOT by a pep talk or a teaching on how to walk. If a parent never provides their child opportunities to learn these disciplines, their child won’t grow as they should.

We have many spiritual babies in our children’s ministries; they need to be assisted in their first steps. If we fail to help kids engage with their faith now, then there is no security that they will have it in 10 years time.

If our kids aren’t showed how to engage with their faith in a safe place like Church, they will most likely learn to never engage with their faith.