Down and Dirty / by John Hailes

After a week on a youth camp in Wales I have possible just had one of the messiest times of my life. A side from the sweat that comes with grafting at such events; I have giant scratches from a water slip n slide and the smell of fish trapped in my clothing from fish-gut infested water we dunked the kids heads in! I saw teenagers hurl up their entire weeks food in front of me due to the games we played and others just constantly caked in mud from rolling down hills. Yet not everyone got messy; some people held back  as they were afraid to get their hair wet or their clothes ruined.

It all got me thinking though that as Christians we are called to get messy! We are called to lead messy lives! But some of us don't...we count the cost & decide its not worth it! You see the truth is that people are messy; their lives don't fit in the box that we would put them in.

For the non-Christian that if fine because they can care about number 1 and number 1 only! But as Christians we are purposed and called to enter the mess of other peoples lives to bring life and peace! We are called to get down and dirty! The cost may be great but the rewards are worth it! When we choose to get involved; we choose to make an impact in the lives of others! We get messy to bring hope to the hopeless!