Don't need a Church to be a Christian... / by John Hailes

Over the recent years we have seen in the public arena a young boy turn into a man. We have also seen that with the increase of his fame; a decrease in his morals and faith. There once was a time where Justin Bieber was loud and proud for no other than Jesus...but now the 'fruit' of his life seems much more bitter. In recent months we have seen a man who seems long estranged from the innocence and devotion of his past. No one can truly measure the heart or faith of a man; but his morals and lifestyle we at times must.


Interestingly Justin isn't too different from many Church goers today who buy the lie...'you don't need Church to be a Christian.' This was Justin's statement to the public last january. Private devotion to God will see you through were his sentiments. Sadly it would seem that over the last year 'Church' was the missing ingredient to Justin's life.


Whatever the lie states, The Church is God's blueprint. Jesus modelled Christian community and the Holy spirit stamped his approval through acts...nudging and gentle pushing the Church to where it should go and who it should become. Our current system and style my be off at times but the principles are clear.


It seems to me that we have blinded ourselves to the value/importance of Church. We get caught in congregating when it should all be about community! For my few years on this earth I have seen people drift from Church and practice their faith amidst their family and friends; but always do they come back. I believe that when you purposely step out of God's plan and will lose his protection. This is what I have seen, people return battered and bruised after years with out Church being by their side.


I believe that too often when you cut yourself off from the Church; you quite growing...and in this world there is no middle ground...your either growing or dying.